Welcome to the California Federation of Republican Women

Lydia KannoAs I enter my first year as a president of CFRW I would like to welcome everyone to this great organization. The California Federation of Republican Women is 99 years old and was built by strong and powerful women who gave their heart and souls to make our organization successful for nearly a century. As the president of CFRW,  I have two important goals to attain in the next two years.

I want to reach out and extend an invitation to all dedicated and hard-working  Republican women to become a member of the California Federation. CFRW  has worked alongside the California Republican Party for 99 years. As a political organization our goals and objectives are to support the Republican party and help elect Republicans at the local, state and federal levels. CFRW educates our members on Republican values and issues. Come join like-minded women to help get more Republicans elected!

My second vision and goal is to continue to make CFRW financially strong and take this organization to the next level.

Republican women need to be united to be a stronger coalition to fight against socialist and liberal programs,  for our state and our country. Every CFRW member and everyone who loves America needs to be involved, especially this year. This is how we are going to keep our freedom.

I am proud of every club and every member who volunteers for hours and hours, away from their family, because of their loyalty and dedication to the California Federation. CFRW is working to bring more political educational programs, more activities and more communications to all of you. I have always called CFRW my political home. The California Federation cares about and thanks every one of you. God bless you and God bless this great country.

CFRW Forever,

Lydia Kanno
CFRW President