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The California Federation of Republican Women has had the same goals and objectives for 98 years, regardless of who held the position of the President. The duly elected CFRW Executive Committee removed an officer because she was causing harm at the executive level of CFRW. The seventeen officers of the executive committee are the only people that had first hand knowledge of Janet’s actions and the majority of them chose to remove the president. It was handled correctly and professionally. NFRW has confirmed CFRW’s actions. The goal by your CFRW Executive Committee was to have the important work of the California Federation clubs impacted as little as possible. The work of the Federation needs to continue forward.

I'm receiving email from two different presidents - which is legitimate?

NFRW received and reviewed documentation of the removal of former President Janet Price. NFRW then notified Mrs. Price to acknowledge the CFRW leadership change to President Ervin on 11/28/2022. NFRW officially recognized President Mary Ervin on 11/29/2022, visit NFRW.org/directory and click on the map/State of California to confirm.

So the CFRW President is Mary Ervin according to NFRW?

Yes, Mary Ervin was recognized as CFRW President on NFRW’s website 11/29/2022. The direction President Ervin gives should be followed. Other, opposite direction is not authorized though it may present the CFRW logo etc.

Our club is waiting for an official statement from NFRW.

NFRW has already stated, and publicly posted, they recognize CFRW President Mary Ervin. There is no ‘decision’ to wait for.

Ok, so now I'm also being told to only submit 10 members?

Now, former leadership is directing club leadership to only submit 10 members to ‘remain in good standing’ and keep other members’ dues to ‘wait until the decision is made.’  Yet again, this direction continues to violate NFRW bylaws. NFRW publicly posted they recognize President Mary Ervin, CFRW has moved forward including banking and legitimate NFRW submission, and most importantly following this unauthorized direction places your club in a position to lose its charter.  

Just sending a PCR for 10 members will not keep your club in good standing.  Bylaws are clearly posted on NFRW.org, below please view the related section:

NFRW Bylaws

Section 6. Removal From and Reinstatement to NFRW Membership:
B. A local club in a federated state at the request of the state executive committee, or in an unfederated state, may be removed from membership by a two-thirds vote of the NFRW Executive Committee for any of the following reasons:
2. Non-payment of dues for the total membership and the current service charge.

Why am I being told to send certified checks to NFRW?

Former leadership no longer has administrative privileges to NFRW and cannot submit memberships to NFRW on behalf of CFRW.  This may be why this laborious direction to certify mail etc., has been emailed to the CFRW members. This direction as well as other direction given by former leadership who no longer hold a position, is against what President Ervin had advised, and is not in accordance with CFRW and NFRW bylaws. 

To keep your club in good standing please follow existing CFRW and NFRW bylaws at the direction of CFRW President Mary Ervin. 

According to NFRW Bylaws:

Section 1. Member in Good Standing:
An individual member in good standing is one whose current dues are paid in an NFRW local club and who supports Article II of these bylaws. A local club or a state federation in good standing is one whose current dues and service charge are paid to the NFRW.
Section 2. Eligibility:
Membership in the NFRW shall be extended to individual Republican women, local clubs, states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.
A. State Federations – Where there is a state federation or U.S. territory affiliated with the NFRW no other federation shall be eligible for membership.
B. Local Clubs – Local clubs become members in the NFRW only through membership in the state federation when a state federation is in existence.

Where do I send my membership reports?

For the time being, to ensure the CFRW Membership Secretary receives your report, please either:

How about checks? Do I pay dues now?

Yes, we have reported several clubs’ memberships to CFRW and NFRW and will provide you with your NFRW cards. Your members will also receive an individual email from NFRW Membership to confirm.   

Membership dues must be sent to:

CFRW Treasurer Lydia Kanno  (make check out to CFRW)
561 Fresian Drive
Oakdale, CA 95361

Must receive by the 5th of month

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