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California Federation of Republican Women Response to Trump Verdict

An unjust trial will not stop us from winning


Huntington Beach, CA, May 31, 2024 – In response to the recent verdict against President Donald J. Trump, the California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) finds the guilty verdict reached by a New York City jury to be unjust. CFRW fully supports President Trump appealing this decision to the higher courts and are confident the verdict will be overturned, and President Trump will be found not guilty of any crime. This verdict and trial proved how weaponized our justice system has become under Joe Biden and the Democrats, with them using lawfare to gain advantage against their political opponents. 

“This trial was a Democrat spectacle with a corrupt Democrat judge who did not try to hide his bias. The trial was rigged by the judge interfering with prosecution witnesses, imposing an unconstitutional gag order, and giving the jury unconstitutional instructions, President Trump did not have a chance. It was clear, the intention of this trial was to interfere with the 2024 election”, said Lydia Kanno, CFRW President, “Joe Biden and the Democrats want to stop President Trump from returning to the White House and are fearful of President Trump’s high polling numbers showing he is beating Biden.”

The California Federation of Republican Women are committed to endorsing President Trump as the Republican Presidential candidate in the 2024 election. During elections, the California Federation of Republican Women pledges thousands of volunteers and volunteer hours to help Republican candidates win elections. 

“This Case made a mockery of the United States Justice System. The judge acted like he was an operative for the Democratic Party. This was the most pretentious display of election interference we have ever seen in this country”, stated Annette Eliot, President of Huntington Harbour Republican Women Federated, “This despicable trial has Republican Women Federated fired-up and ready to fight to win this election, so game on!  I will be voting for Donald J Trump in November whether he is a felony or not and proud of it!”